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While you're praying for dream couples, they're searching for YOU! Let's show up for them!

Wish couples would just TRUST you? You're more than qualified to photograph luxury weddings!

Let me help you AMPLIFY your heart online and in real life to turn bridesmaids into future brides!

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Dreamers and builders like you!

These mentoring “growth sessions” are designed for dreamers and small business owners like you! Either you’re taking the leap to starting something new or you’re 3 years in business and need a refresher! These educational experiences are designed for bloggers, creative business dreamers, shop owners and dreamers. Yes, I’m a wedding photographer, but business is business and our souls are made of the same seeds!

Every collection will be unique based on your needs. I talk fast and love pouring my heart into your business. Each mentoring session lasts about an hour... I have a hard time making a hard stop on the hour! Remember, this is just the facetime with me, everything we chat about will need your attention and efforts long after we chat!

wait... who is this for?

This mentoring is designed a bit differently with a bit of pregaming ahead of time. I’ll reach out before our mentoring session to collect as much information I can about your goals and wildest dreams. Based on your responses I’ll be able to create a road map to help get a kick start on our chat! This is the best collection to help budding brands find their voice, refine their services and have their dream clients begging to work with you!

These quickies are designed to meet up on the go or late night chats without having to leave your home. No agenda, you just come at me with a million questions and we fire away as much as we can within one hour. Perfect for brands that are thriving, but need a kick in the butt!

Think of this experience as a business gut check to help take your thoughts that are floating around in your head, wrap them in a bow and share your story for others to find YOU! I get it. You’re talented, warm hearted and the ones that love you most rave about you and your business... but how do you share that FEELING online and outside of your personal network? Let’s get to work!

“I felt like it was so easy to connect with her and be able to be open about my insecurities, specially about allowing myself to open up on social media (Instagram) to my followers. I started talking about my relationship and just brief points of the story of how we both met and connected. I began tearing up!! Never would I have thought I would have in front of someone I seriously just met, but that was the level of comfortability that I felt with her to be able to open myself up to do that.”


“Quianna is my go to photographer for everything! She’s super encouraging and brainstorms like crazy while she’s shooting and making us laugh! I’ve worked with her for many fashion shoots, styling updates and fun events in my store. She makes everyone around her feel welcome and beautiful. I know the models, my customers and friends are in good hands with her! We love you, Qui!”


“Quianna is the absolute BEST! She made me feel like there was no such thing as a dumb question and really helped to make me feel comfortable in my own skin. One hour with Qui just isn’t enough! I wish I could keep her in my pocket and take her everywhere!”


Let's plant some seeds in your business!

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Weekends are reserved for shooting weddings, but I'll be back in a jif to reply to your message!

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Boost engagement, feature vendors, gain local followers and have FUN showcasing your beautiful weddings!

This mini digital workshop is packed with inspiration, tools and action lists to help you confidently and quickly snap photos and videos behind the scenes! 

Let's book your next wedding, while working your next wedding!

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templates, guides, online workshops + freebies for photographers that love their clients


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You know you need to blog, right? Feeling stuck with what to write? Well, if you're only targeting your ideal client you're missing out on a butt load of marketing strategies to reach clients that will BEG to work with you! Invest in this guide for blog prompts, tips, and even series ideas to boost inquiries.

blogging guide for photographers

Are you tired of clients asking you to photograph the rings and mother daughter photos? Uhhh. DUH. Of course I'm going to capture those details! Grab this customizable template to share with your couples to give them peace of mind that they're in good hands! Easy Canva templates to personalize.

customizable wedding day shot list

Do you have your own FAQ page on your website? Need some help aligning yourself as the expert? Grab this FREE guide and tune in to the podcast all about answering these juicy questions BEFORE your clients ask! Plus, it's a super easy guide to help generate a TON of content! 

FAQ For wedding photographers

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Content Coaching: 1:1 Power Hour

Maybe you recently started shooting weddings or you've been a professional for years, let's amplify your heart to reach more couples begging to work with you!

These mentoring power hours are great if you're local or far away! The best "Pick Your Brain" full throttle Q+A.

Need some extra guidance?

  • Helping Your Couples Build Stress Free Timelines
  • Gear and Tools For A Successful Wedding
  • Boosting Social Media Engagement
  • Blogging Ideas To Attract Dream Couples
  • Hosting Annual Events
  • Client Management + Experience Help
  • Styled Shoots


Book your 1:1 power hour

Let's dive into:


After sharing sneak peeks do you hear crickets? Learn how to easily capture behind the scenes video for organic referrals, local followers and build brand awareness.

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I believe you can be great at more than one thing

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my favorite


Bookkeeping at my fingertips! Easy to use, track and update on the fly. Plus, my accountant and tax lady love me when I keep this part of the business organized. SAVE 50%

Tools and Resources


Boost your Pinterest overnight to gain even more exposure and to get your work in front of clients searching for YOU! I use Tailwind to schedule Pinterest posts and easily boost my evergreen traffic.


Ready to match your creative heart with professionalism and organization? Contracts, Emails, Invoicing, Referrals and Client Management all in one place! 50% OFF

warm welcome

Looking for a way to connect, impress and capture leads? SEND VIDEOS OF YOUR FACE! Sign up for Warm Welcome to blow aways your dream clients!

sticker mule

Interested in stepping up your branding game? Personalize your shipping, correspondence and build brand awareness with stickers + branded goodies! $10 OFF


High quality prints, albums and gifts delivered right to your door! Grab $5 for your first order! I use these prints for client gifts and surprises! Your clients will LOVE you!


This desktop and phone app helps me design marketing materials quickly and easily! ROCK your insta story templates, branded email images and marketing material! 


Step up your email marketing game with this super branded, easy and PRETTY emailing tool! Send your clients shiny and fun emails that they’ll be excited to open! 50% OFF

stitch fix

$25 Shopping Spree on me! Frequently updated headshots, speaking engagements, and conferences constantly need fresh outfits!

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Gift Ideas For Photographers

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Note: This favorites list contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Each of these products have been purchased, tested and approved by me! 

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Omg, I can't wait to meet you!

i'll be over here checking my inbox like:

You can expect to hear back from me within 24 hours on weekdays!
Weekends are reserved for shooting weddings, but I'll be back in a jif to reply to your message!