What is a pop up?

Styled Pop Ups are created for photographers to step their game UP! It's an opportunity to improve your skills, connect with local vendors and walk away with a portfolio of images to attract dream brides and higher paying clients!

Each Styled Pop Up will be unique and completely different! New color pallets, various venues, and a variety of local vendors will make each Styled Pop Up creative and exclusive. Starting in the greater Bay Area and eventually traveling beyond!

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Are you interested in going full time as a photographer? Maybe you're a pro already or recently moved to a new area and would love to make some vendor connections! It doesn't matter how much experience you have, if you're in love with photography and all the details this opportunity will be perfect for you!

Are you a wedding vendor interested in trying something new? Let's collab and come up with inventive and trend setting wedding ideas! Because you know a bride won't do anything out of the box unless she has seen it on pinterest! Also, did I mention about a dozen photographers will be sharing their images? Let's chat!

Are you building a modeling portfolio? Or maybe you and your hubby are celebrating an upcoming anniversary! Although these Styled Pop Ups are designed for Wedding Photography we often are in search of bridesmaids and bridal parties! If this is something you would like to learn more information about let me know! 

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Have you ever been so caught up in an experience that you honestly lost all sense of time? And when your senses are restored and all cues lead to the realization that this phenomenal experience is about to end, you say to yourself, “Wait, we just got started!” That just described my experience with Quianna at her Styled Pop Up Series at Guglielmo Winery. I needed to take my skills to the next level and my passion needed to be sparked. Quianna’s love and knowledge of photography was the perfect remedy. I was apprehensive going into the workshop because I am a photography enthusiast, not a professional, so I wasn’t sure how my experience level would fit in with the rest of the photographers. By the end of the workshop, everyone was exchanging business cards and phone numbers, asking to go shooting, hiking or having coffee together. This was the environment that Quianna created and facilitated. During the workshop, Quianna imparted so much information and juicy tips that made such a difference in the photos that I was taking – how to get the photo right in the field and what subtle things to look for in the frame other than just my subject. She made me aware of curves that are pleasing to the eye and how the eye follows them, making eye contact with people in the photo and making connections with them so that comes through in my photo, and capturing moments between people when they’re not aware you’re watching. Quianna is the queen when it comes to candids. Anyone who watches Quianna put her camera to her eye and snap a picture within a fraction of a second doesn’t realize the hundreds of thoughts and items she rattled off and checked for in her mind before her finger ever reached for that shutter button. Take one of her workshops and you’ll be amazed. She’ll teach you the difference between looking and seeing.  

the difference between looking and seeing

Lea Sanchez
Photographer, Retired, Soon to Be Grandmother

She is one of the most talented photographers you'll ever get to work with. She has a natural eye for seeing the beauty in something simple and can make any "normal" picture look amazing! She is such a pleasure to work with and is very professional. She makes you feel comfortable and beautiful, while capturing those special moments.

It was fate that my
wife and I met Quianna

On our wedding day, Quianna got every single shot that we wanted. The best part, though, were all of the candids and the photos of guests at the reception. It's so nice to have these pictures that include every single person who attended the wedding. Trust me, it's something that you'll want.

Great eye, thoughtful and 
phenomenal to work with

From start to finish she was amazing. Throughout the wedding she was like another maid of honor to me, super attentive to our needs and just a pleasure to be around. When discussing the wedding with family and friends they repeated over and over what a pleasure it was to have her, that she was so patient and detail oriented and just amazing.

I was so lucky to have found Quianna at Starbucks!

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