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I’ve felt the natural highs of entrepreneurship and the deep lows of self doubt. This podcast was launched with you in mind. Let’s chat about growing pains, finding genuine connection and celebrating wins of all sizes through the lens of a photographer at heart. 

Each episode will be directed to photographers and small business owners that want to build a living brand. I'll be offering encouragement, marketing hacks, social media education and inspiration to do what you love and call it work.

Sprinkled throughout stories and interviews with past clients, photographers and other business owners this podcast is designed to help you step into your purpose and to truly create a life you're proud of, a life worth photographing and sharing.

Quianna Marie Weekly

The Podcast

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Radical Curiosity with Natalie Franke

personal growth

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Booking TV Segments with Gillean Barkyoumb

marketing + media

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Growing Your Biz Without Breaking The Bank with LaShonda Brown


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The Heart Behind The Podcast


Every business grows through many seasons and we're all here to help each other grow!

I'm quianna


I love introducing you to my real life friends and mentors! The business owners and dreamers that think BIGGER than me.

I wanna hear more!

People describe me as:

Encouraging and Magnetic!

This is where it all began! I’ve had a camera in my hand since then!

 Update: I recently packed my bags and moved from California to Arizona! One of the best things about my job is that I am able to travel worldwide to photograph love and energy.

Follow the Journey

"Authentic and inspiring!"          ★           "Can't stop listening!"          ★           "POsitive and vibrant!"          ★           "The real Deal!"          ★            "Don't miss out!"          ★           "AUTHENTIC AND INSPIRING!"          ★           "CAN'T STOP LISTENING!"          ★           "POSITIVE AND VIBRANT!"          ★           "THE REAL DEAL!"          ★           "DON'T MISS OUT!"          ★           

Super                       and relatable!

Quianna is the best friend everyone needs in their life! She’s passionate about her dreams, works hard and finds a friend everywhere she goes. Looking forward to every episode and I’m not even a photographer or a business owner. I’m just a super fan of Quianna!!!!


Inspiring and practical!

I love how Quianna shares quotes and inspiration, but also gets into tangible, actionable advice that is easy to implement in your life. Excited for more episodes!

Quianna helps you                    your experience!

No matter your profession, Quianna has found a way to communicate the value of client experience! Whatever industry you’re in, her way of building connection is contagious!


Hoping to be a guest on the show?

We'd love to hear from you! Quianna Marie Weekly features a variety of creative experts who are ready to serve our audience with wisdom and heart. Sound like you? Feel free to reach out!


*We do our best to select experts who are a best fit for our audience and our current content calendar. We can't guarantee that every applicant will get to join us on the show, but we encourage you to apply!

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