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Do you have a passion for photography, but need some extra cash fast? 

Let me help you AMPLIFY your heart online and in real life to get dream clients begging to work with you year after year!

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Dreamers and builders like you!

These mentoring “growth sessions” are designed for dreamers and small business owners like you! Either you’re taking the leap to starting something new or you’re 3 years in business and need a refresher! These educational experiences are designed for bloggers, creative business dreamers, shop owners and dreamers. Yes, I’m a wedding photographer, but business is business and our souls are made of the same seeds!

Every collection will be unique based on your needs. I talk fast and love pouring my heart into your business. Each mentoring session lasts about an hour... I have a hard time making a hard stop on the hour! Remember, this is just the facetime with me, everything we chat about will need your attention and efforts long after we chat!

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This mentoring is designed a bit differently with a bit of pregaming ahead of time. I’ll reach out before our mentoring session to collect as much information I can about your goals and wildest dreams. Based on your responses I’ll be able to create a road map to help get a kick start on our chat! This is the best collection to help budding brands find their voice, refine their services and have their dream clients begging to work with you!

These quickies are designed to meet up on the go or late night chats without having to leave your home. No agenda, you just come at me with a million questions and we fire away as much as we can within one hour. Perfect for brands that are thriving, but need a kick in the butt!

Think of this experience as a business gut check to help take your thoughts that are floating around in your head, wrap them in a bow and share your story for others to find YOU! I get it. You’re talented, warm hearted and the ones that love you most rave about you and your business... but how do you share that FEELING online and outside of your personal network? Let’s get to work!

“I felt like it was so easy to connect with her and be able to be open about my insecurities, specially about allowing myself to open up on social media (Instagram) to my followers. I started talking about my relationship and just brief points of the story of how we both met and connected. I began tearing up!! Never would I have thought I would have in front of someone I seriously just met, but that was the level of comfortability that I felt with her to be able to open myself up to do that.”


“Quianna is my go to photographer for everything! She’s super encouraging and brainstorms like crazy while she’s shooting and making us laugh! I’ve worked with her for many fashion shoots, styling updates and fun events in my store. She makes everyone around her feel welcome and beautiful. I know the models, my customers and friends are in good hands with her! We love you, Qui!”


“Quianna is the absolute BEST! She made me feel like there was no such thing as a dumb question and really helped to make me feel comfortable in my own skin. One hour with Qui just isn’t enough! I wish I could keep her in my pocket and take her everywhere!”


Let's plant some seeds in your business!

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Resources & Templates


Are postponed weddings slowing your cash flow? What if you offered boudoir shoots to help brides safely celebrate this season, while helping YOU survive the pandemic?


What if your calendar was booked with families that WANT to work with you every year?! Sell out of your mini sessions for family portraits every season! 


Gain confidence as a photographer to charge more and have the wedding party  begging to work with you BEFORE they even see your photos!


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templates, guides, online workshops + freebies for photographers that love their clients

Run a venue and need help with marketing and sharing your pride and joy? Start using these email templates, pricing guides and questionnaires to attract dream couples today!


Need help marketing your business? Want to pair your passion with professionalism? Hurry to grab templates, guides and mini courses to help your business bloom!


Ready to capture the passion and heart of other small businesses? THEY NEED YOU! Hurry to grab these templates, guides and mini courses to help expand your own business while blessing others!


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I believe you can be great at more than one thing

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"Quianna is a beautiful ray of sunshine who can light up any situation—she makes people around her feel at ease, loved, and seen and is the world's best cheerleader for those she loves (which is pretty much anyone she meets, since I don't think she's ever met a stranger)!!"

laylee emadi

"Quianna is a giant ball of sunshine that lights up any room she walks into. Her passion for life, contagious joy and bubbly personality make her a seriously one-of-a-kind human. Watching her build an empire of a business has been such a privilege—I just adore her as a friend and fellow photog!"

hope taylor

"Quianna's infectious personality makes you feel like you’ve been best friends for years! She has captured all the big moments for my family and has truly become an amazing friend. When I started my own business, Quianna was there to offer advice, share tips and be a true mentor. She's an incredible human being and someone I am so fortunate to know!"

Rachel Mauldin

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Omg, I can't wait to meet you!

i'll be over here checking my inbox like:

You can expect to hear back from me within 24 hours on weekdays!
Weekends are reserved for shooting weddings, but I'll be back in a jif to reply to your message!

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