The Blogging Guide For Photographers That Hate Blogging


Tired of keeping up with trends? 

Ever feel like you're just throwing spaghetti  (content) on facebook walls and nothing sticks?

Feeling frustrated with trending audio and keeping up with social media scrolls?

Wanna make your efforts last more than just 24 hours? If the burnout is feeling real, it's time to start blogging!

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I'm your big sis when it comes to chasing dreams, loving the dirt road on the way to your goals and leaving a legacy behind that we're proud of! I love social media eye candy, but even though instagram is sweet, it can never compare to the soul food aka your blog!

This easy blogging kick starter will help you SHINE online and gain organic searches to boost inquiries and fill your inbox with HOT leads for future dream weddings.

I'm Quianna

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What if you created a blog post TODAY that became a resource for your dream clients for the next couple of YEARS?

The best blog guide
for photographers that hate blogging

Bust through writers block with this helpful blogging guide to get even the photographers that HATE blogging excited to start blogging again! 

Do you feel paralyzed trying to always come up with ways to attract and write for your ideal client? What if I told you that if you're only blogging for your ideal client you're missing out on a BUNCH of possible leads!
Grab The Best Blog Guide For Photographers That HATE Blogging


5 Unique Types of People That You Should Be Writing For To Attract Dream Clients

Over 50+ Blogging Prompts

Dozens of Series Ideas to KEEP easily blogging monthly/weekly/daily!

A bunch of tips, inspiration and ideas to help you feel confident with writing more blogs!


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Do you feel like you're busting out content, spinning your wheels and spreading yourself too thin?