The Wedding Shot
List Template


Wish Your Clients Would Just TRUST You?

Tired of your clients asking for obvious wedding photos? Of course Karen, I will get a photo of you and your daughter!

Feeling annoyed with Pinterest requests before the wedding day?

Wish you could remind your dream couples they're in good hands BEFORE the wedding day?

your secret cheat sheet


I'm your big sis when it comes to chasing dreams, loving the dirt road on the way to your goals and leaving a legacy behind that we're proud of! I got tired of back and forth lists of photo requests, so I made my own!

This easy drag and drop template will help you SHINE and be trusted before the wedding day.

I'm Quianna

Oh Hey!

Remind your couples that you know what you're doing!

the wedding shot list

Easy customizable template guide made for YOU and your couples! These drag and drop Canva templates will help you go from beginner to pro in no time!
*No Canva purchase needed.
*Only digital templates. 



20 Page Customizable Template
Wedding Day Breakdown
Photography Checklists + Key Tips
Key Tips + Helpful Text 

*All photos must be replaced by your own

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Tired of your brides asking for a photo with their mom? DUH! Check out this podcast to prep your clients without rolling your eyes!