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I work with souls that live for adventure, value experiences over things, and love fiercely. Does that sound like you?!

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Encouraging and Magnetic!

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This is where it all began! I’ve had a camera in my hand since then!

 Update: I recently packed my bags and moved from California to Arizona! One of the best things about my job is that I am able to travel worldwide to serve my couples.

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Kitchen Dancer

what does key mean to me?

– April: Sedona, Arizona (Elopement)
– April: Carmel, California (Wedding)
– April: Davenport, California (Engagement)
– June: Honolulu, Hawaii  (Wedding) 
– August: Denver, Colorado (Wedding) 
– September: Medford, OR (Maternity Shoot)

the venue dream

Everyday I’m hustlin’ hard to create the wedding venue of your dreams. YES! A beautiful, but functional wedding venue to host events that feel like home and an adventure at the same time! The kind of place that will make you want to come back to celebrate anniversaries and reunions every decade. 

Dancing is my absolute favorite. In the kitchen. Down the aisles of the grocery store. In the middle of the garage or down a dirt road. I can feel a tune and dance anywhere! I beat to the heart of country music and feel inspired by the lyrics and love stories, the kind that remind me of my childhood with hope for true love.

Upcoming Destinations

Key, like “Qui” has been a nickname of mine since I was a little girl! I believe we each hold the key to our own happiness, a key to open doors for opportunities and a symbol of that feeling of being home, at our fingertips anywhere we go. I love the symbol of two keys crossing, one for the combination of work/life balance. We have the power to have it all, a thriving career and true love. A crosshair for the vision that we never have to settle and are called to match our callings with our efforts. 

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by the numbers

250+ Weddings Photographed

Idea Generator

When I’m not shooting weddings I’m basically an idea generator! I LOVE helping photographers book their dream couples and encouraging creatives to turn their passion into their profession!

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at the heart of it all:

I LOVE serving couples and creatives through my camera lens. I am so thankful for the couples who make my every day job a dream come true!

I've been featured as a guest on these amazing podcasts!

16+ Conferences Attended

734+ Family Photo Sessions

328+ Helpful Blog Posts Written

59k+ Miles of Back Roads Driven

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Passionate dreamer with a heart for adventure

about me

Believe it or not I actually LOVE creating and making memories even more than I love photographing them! We have so many reasons to celebrate life… My camera is simply a tool to relive our favorite experiences with the ones we love. 

music that moves me →

Kitchen dancer and devoted country music fan

about me

I beat to the heart of country music and feel inspired by the lyrics and love stories, the kind that remind me of my childhood with hope for true love. You can find me dancing down the aisles at Target, under the moon near a campfire and in any kitchen! 


My approach to life: a Chip and JoJo philosophy

about me

I love to think of my life as a fixer upper episode with Chip and Joanna. Everyday I am trying to make changes, improve and work hard while still making time for sweet lemonade. The idea of living on a farm, raising cute babies and collecting antiques is truly the dream! Looking forward to working my butt off to purchase a plot of land to convert into a wedding venue. A place that others instantly feel at home, a safe place for the best memories. 

My story & Legacy

Your life's work is

I believe that you are full of magic, but you're too busy working through the thick of your business to see it!

While we're capturing your passion, I LOVE to bake in affirmations and call in your dream clients. 

I love tapping into my intuition to help create content and capture your vibes without you feeling frustrated trying to articulate your visions. 

i believe

and more people NEED to know about you!


the things I love

a few of

about being a photographer


I understand the value of not only capturing timeless photos, but helping to create the BEST memories of your life!

I love making you feel confident! I believe your wedding day should FEEL even better than it looks, and I’m here to bring out the best in you!

I get to capture the moments that will matter to you forever—these are the photos you’ll display in your home and the albums your grandkids will flip through years later.

My couples give me so MUCH hope for true love. What little girl with a dream needs fairy tales, when I can be inspired by my real life couples?

Thanks to my camera I’ve been able to travel the world and create once in a lifetime adventures! I love being able to photograph people in their dream settings!

All of the incredible friendships and relationships made through educational opportunities. Photographers and creatives have the BIGGEST hearts.

the people who

take it from

know and love me best

"My sister is my inspiration. She has always been there for me and makes me laugh! Maybe it’s because she’s my sister, but she’s a sneaky mind reader. Always talking with her eyebrows and aware of everyone’s needs. Anything she sets her mind to she achieves and lives by our motto... NEVER GIVE UP!"


"My baby girl amazes me everyday! She has drive and motivation like no other and inspires me. Quianna has the kindest heart and loves bringing everyone together to celebrate! I’m so proud of her for what she has achieved and look forward to her bright future! I can’t wait to serve bubbly and give tours on my golf cart at her future venue!"


"We are so proud of our niece! Quianna works hard and follows her heart. She’s always on the move and never lets the grass grow under her feet. She’s an old soul with a fun personality that makes everyone feel welcome, loved and understood. We love you, Boo!"


"Quianna is a beautiful ray of sunshine who can light up any situation—she makes people around her feel at ease, loved, and seen and is the world's best cheerleader for those she loves (which is pretty much anyone she meets, since I don't think she's ever met a stranger)!!"

Laylee Emadi:

"Quianna is a giant ball of sunshine that lights up any room she walks into. Her passion for life, contagious joy and bubbly personality make her a seriously one-of-a-kind human. Watching her build an empire of a business has been such a privilege—I just adore her as a friend and fellow photog!"

Hope Taylor:

"Quianna's infectious personality makes you feel like you’ve been best friends for years! She has captured all the big moments for my family and has truly become an amazing friend. When I started my own business, Quianna was there to offer advice, share tips and be a true mentor. She's an incredible human being and someone I am so fortunate to know!"

Rachel Mauldin

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My story

After losing my father at a young age my life has been inspired to live life to the fullest! I live for spontaneous adventures, family traditions and making a living doing what I love. I want nothing more than to have a little family of my own, until then I’m working on becoming my best self and helping others turn their passion into their profession!

Inspired by Joanna Gaines, Dolly Parton and never having a cap on my salary.


hang out!


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