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Your photos are beautiful and your wedding experience is incredible, but how are your dream couples finding YOU?

Do you have a hard time coming up with content to post?

Are you running out of leads in your network? Your friends are already married and you notice more photographers following you on instagram instead of recently engaged couples!?

Don't you just wish your dream couples would trust you? 

ready to show up and shine online?

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As I built my business I was just having fun capturing behind the scenes, recording silly videos and documenting my growth and progress with my phone. I quickly realized, the more I shared online, the more weddings and mini sessions I booked. I can't keep this a secret any longer!

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build trust, legitness and professionalism with your content

during the wedding
learn how to easily bank a ton of content, bts videos and pics

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keep the momentum going and easily book more weddings

Three Months of Content Coaching

let's create content that stands the test of time.

Without throwing shade, do you ever look at other photographers work and think, "What the heck? Why are they so busy!? My work looks like theirs, I don't get it!" 

This is why this mastermind IS NOT a photography or instagram program, it's all about marketing and making genuine connections. The goal is to SHINE online and create magnetic content for our dream couples to find! 

wish dream clients would just trust you


Does your network of family and friends feel like it's shrinking? What if you could easily connect with vendors, build genuine real life friendships and let those referrals roll in?

Collaborations are a GREAT way to connect with content, expand your network and have fun sharing about your favorite wedding vendors!

We don't have to make selling feel sleezy, we need to create content that shares our passions.

need more vendor friends


Who has time to scroll for hours to find trends, THEN bounce in front of the tripod to create fun and catchy reels and tiktoks?

The secret is to capture and share everything you're already doing! Then just add music! Trends can be so fun and it's important to sprinkle in the ones you love, but if we continue to chase trends we'll always feel burnt out! Let's make posting content fun, relatable and super EASY!

tired of chasing trends


Besides posting your beautiful portfolio images your mind goes blank when it's time to post anything else. 

Why does instagram hate me? The truth is that your work is beautiful, but your SOUL and life's work are so much more impactful and memorable. So how do we create content that connects?

you never know what to post


Not just MORE weddings, but more genuine, fun loving and kind hearted couples that can't wait for you to photograph their sister's and best friend's weddings, too! 

You're tired of kicking butt at your weddings only to come home to empty inboxes, when you know you leave every wedding with everyone raving about the photos and your hard work!

book more weddings


why this is not a reels, tiktok or youtube group coaching program

what do you really need help with?

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We Begin January 9th, 2023

3 Months of Content Coaching
Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls
Group Connection + Content Generation
Think Tank Take Overs
Bonus: Q+A with Quianna

Walk away feeling confident about generating effective content for your business, so you can show up online and connect with dream clients!

Shine Online

wedding photography content mastermind

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who is this mastermind for?

This coaching program is best for wedding photographers with a handful of weddings booked, but would LOVE to add more dream weddings to their calendar!

For the photographer that knows their camera settings and delivers an incredible wedding experience, but freezes when it comes to posting content.

The friend that has done ALL of the online courses, traveled for education and loves learning, but just needs help aligning their real life offers online!

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"Quianna makes posting and creating content EASY! I have always struggled with what to say and hate dancing for tiktoks, Qui makes sharing your business online FUN!"
- Kacey

from the people that know and love me best

"Quianna is a beautiful ray of sunshine who can light up any situation—she makes people around her feel at ease, loved, and seen and is the world's best cheerleader for those she loves (which is pretty much anyone she meets, since I don't think she's ever met a stranger)!!"

Laylee Emadi:

"Quianna is a giant ball of sunshine that lights up any room she walks into. Her passion for life, contagious joy and bubbly personality make her a seriously one-of-a-kind human. Watching her build an empire of a business has been such a privilege—I just adore her as a friend and fellow photog!"

Hope Taylor:

"Quianna's infectious personality makes you feel like you’ve been best friends for years! She has captured all the big moments for my family and has truly become an amazing friend. When I started my own business, Quianna was there to offer advice, share tips and be a true mentor. She's an incredible human being and someone I am so fortunate to know!"

Rachel Mauldin

let's get this party started!

I used a brand new song Lainey Wilson just released for this sweet engagement and she sent me a "heart"! Ahhhh LAINEY WILSON! We can be strategic and connect with REAL humans like never before!


That's still a TON of views!!! But what I love most about this post is that 4 different couples reached out to me interesting learning more about elopements and engagements in Sedona! That's a win!


This reel paired with the Mrs. Doubtfire sound bite audio is still going strong! Did I actually book more weddings from it? I don't think so! I did gain over a thousand new followers from this post! Together we'll break down why this popped off on instagram!

5.9 Million Views

Listen up, Linda! I'm not pouring my heart into this coaching program for your views to sky rocket and for your trends to go viral. No Ma'aam. The heart behind this content mastermind is to create CONNECTION with your dream clients. 

Why Going Viral Isn't Always Profitable

You know you need the mastermind coaching, but you're still not ready to dive in head first? 

Let's connect, get to know each other and ensure it's a great fit for both of us!

Sign up for the FREE Content Challenge packed with ideas to never leave you feeling content blocked again! If you're only posting to attract your ideal clients, you're missing out on a ton of easy content ideas to book more weddings!

December 5th - 9th

5 Day Masterclass LIVE Coaching
Learn about the five different types of target content to easily create and share online.

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